Friday, November 26, 2010

WoW Achievement: Pilgrim's Peril, After the World Changed

I decided to set up a raid on Thanksgiving night to do Pilgrim's Peril. Unfortunately, most of the people who said they were up for it weren't there, for whatever reason. I heard for most of the day from several people that it just couldn't be done on the Horde side.

A few people in my guild went scouting, one on her BE mage, the others on their alliance toons. Later on in the evening, five of us--four from Kindred Spirits/Khaz Modan, one from Ixkin/Khaz: Gortanadir, Hemophilia, Annwen, Arthur, and Ufgar, respectively--decided to try it. I thought it might be a suicide mission, given that the hit cap against level 85s had to be higher than most people had it. I thought they'd kill us before we got many hits in.

So a mage, priest, paladin, death knight, and hunter went first to Ironforge, where the tables are out front. We went up the road, so we inevitable encountered guards. As long as we had them one or two at a time, we found that we could kill them, making a For The Horde raid seem plausible at some date in the near future. In any case, we did aggro four guards at once, and four of us died. After the res, we did make it up to the tables. We had to kill another two guards when we got there, but it was all good.

Stormwind was much easier. The tables are right out front with no guards around them. We knew this city was going to be the easiest from the earlier scouting missions, but the next retrospect, we might have been able to do it without dying, but there you have it--we died in Darnassus. We got there by running around the city to the coast, using path of frost to get across the water and up to the dock, then ran through the guards. They will not go onto the ship (it's always been that way), so we were safe. We ran through the portal to get into Darnassus, and then we made the mistake of taking a direct route. I got hit for 32k on the hit that broke my mana shield, then I was dead almost instantly after that. They have flying patrols, roaming mounted patrols, and foot patrols--all level 85. I guess this is to make up for all that time Darnassus spent being the easiest city in For The Horde raids.

In any case, the tables are in a spot where, if you skirt around the city, you can get to without drawing much--if any--guard aggro. When I got back to my corpse, I was near a bunch of npcs, but I went invisible and swam into the warrior district. The mobs there are only level 27, and there are no guards. On the other side of the wall, near the training dummies, are the unguarded tables.

Exodar was pretty simple after that. We just took the boat from Darnassus, then ran around the city to the other entrance, between a tree and the building, jumped from the ramp down to the patio where the tables are. We would not have had to kill the guards, but one of us (I won't mention names) jumped too far and drew one. We had to kill that one. I polymorphed the other, but that put me into combat. We had to put it down. But then, there we were--achievement accomplished.