Friday, January 30, 2009

Republicans: You Were Wrong. Now Shut The Hell Up!

The United States is a mess right now. We have a financial crisis, we have two occupations, and a crumbling infrastructure.

Republicans: you did this to us. You were in charge for the past eight years--in total control for four--and you did this to us. You caused the financial disaster by working actively to put as much money as possible into the hands of people who were already wealthy, while also working hard to collapse the middle class.

Your supply-side economics is just what Geoerge H. W. Bush said it was: "voodoo economics". The reason it was so obvious to him and others is because it's so infernally stupid. Here's the theory: put more money into the hands of the wealthy, and they'll invest in more jobs, thereby causing the wealth to trickle down to the rest of the populace. No! Wrong! Stupid, stupid, stupid! How many of you own businesses? How many of you believe you have time to start other businesses? Why would you think that a business owner or the top executives of corporations would have time, with their schedules as full as they are, to create more jobs? They're going to take that money and put it into safe investments--and those that create jobs aren't usually all that safe. Budding businesses fail more often than they succeed.

Stupid. You're stupid and you need to shut the hell up. We don't need your input on the stimulus package, because your input for the past eight years has done nothing to our benefit. Nothing. You have sought only to benefit yourselves and the wealthiest among us, and now even their fortunes are disappearing.

You know what happens when you give more money to the poor and the middle class? They spend it. You know what that spending causes? More businesses will thrive when more people are spending money. The more businesses there are that are thriving, the more jobs we'll have. The more people we put to work, the more secure and prosperous we'll be.

We don't need your input. We don't need it. Shut up. Shut up, already! If I have to hear one more Republican (Boehner) whine abou thow Pelosi won't listen to him, I'm going to scream. I'm so tired of hearing the whining. Isn't it obvious from the number of colleagues that you lost in this last election that the majority of Americans don't give a rat's ass what you say? Don't you realize that America isn't about you? We're hurting. We don't need your political games. We don't need your incorrect policy decisions. Obama is President and the Democrats decisively control Congress. Americans want change. Unless you can come up with something other than tax cuts for the wealthy or other typical Republican fair, your input is not required, and you should be shut out of the process.

Bipartisanship is highly overrated right now. You have demonstrated that you're not capable of compromise, so bipartisanship isn't even possible. Let the adults run things now. Your reign of stupidity is over.


HumbleHumanity said...

Obama believes in prayer(the smartest president ever). Maybe you can pray the RINO (repub in name only) will shut the helk up.

Greg Reich said...

I can't figure out what you're babbling about here. All I know is that Republicans have made a mess of things, and they want to continue to make a mess of things. They want Obama to fail, so they won't cooperate. They hold to their ideologies so tightly, they have closed their minds to any other way, and we need another way right now.