Monday, May 14, 2012

I bought a car from Enterprise

I work out of my home, so I haven't had much need for a vehicle--until recently.  Moving involved so many errands, it made my standard practice of renting a car when I needed one impractical and expensive.   I drove so infrequently, it wasn't worth the insurance to buy a new car.  Also, there has been call recently for me to have a car on short notice, and that's not always easy.  I plan on moving again in the near future, as well, and not having a car at will makes it difficult.

Nearly every vehicle I have rented in the past several years has been from Enterprise.  Every experience I've had with them has involved excellent customer service.  They got to know me by name relatively quickly, and they have always treated me like a VIP when I rented from them.  Plus, they pick me up, which for me was incredibly important until recently, given that I had no transportation to their locations.  When I decided I needed a vehicle of my own again, I mentioned it to them, and they referred me to Enterprise Car Sales.

At first, I had some apprehension regarding buying a vehicle from a place that rents cars.  The thought crossed my mind that people don't take care of the cars when they rent them, but the evidence gathered from actually driving the cars Enterprise offers told me that my misgivings were unfounded.  I never had problems with an Enterprise car.  They were always in good shape.  I've never had a dirty car, one with engine noise, a slipping transmission, or any other issue.  The sales representative who called me, Robby Batayeh, called to follow up on the lead the people at the rental location give him, so I decided to call him back and go look at a vehicle.

Robby was friendly, courteous, and low-pressure.  He and I talked about what I wanted in a vehicle, and he came up with a list of them that fit what I asked for--rather than what he wanted to sell me, which has been my past experience with several car dealerships. Robby ended up delivering my car to me.  At the time, I had a van I rented from Enterprise.  I had forgotten some of the stuff I was moving in the back of the van.  Robby not only took the items out of the van, but he carried them downstairs for me, knowing I had a back problem.  He did not have to do that for me, but the fact that he did makes him stand out in my mind as a person committed not only to outstanding customer service, but to a genuine empathy and friendly rapport with his customers. 

If you are in the market for a car, I highly recommend Enterprise Car Sales.  Let them know Greg Reich sent you.  If you are in the metro Detroit area, look up the location on Grand River Avenue and ask for Robby.  The rest of the people there were friendly, as well.

On a final note, I will miss renting cars as frequently as I did from the Enterprise office on 8 Mile near Lahser Road, because the people there were also wonderful, and really went out of their way for me on several occasions.  If you need to rent a car, I recommend them as well.  I wish I could remember all of their names, because they all deserve praise, but Dan and Blair took care of me several times. 


Madeline Joyce said...

I’m glad that you had a great experience when you purchased your car. Wouldn’t it be so great if all our car dealers were like Robby? He helped you find a car that was not only suited to you, but also affordable. Did you have to take out a car loan for your car?

Stelle Courney said...

It’s not every day that you get to experience excellent customer service! If only car companies or any other companies for that matter all know the importance of customer service, then most probably they’ll have more loyal customers like you.