Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Imprison homosexuals with an electrified fence?

I will never understand the thinking of people like Pastor Charles Worley of North Carolina, who thinks all homosexuals should be imprisoned inside an electrified fence.  Although I don't lend credence to the claims of the Bible, I certainly have read it several times, and I remember the Jesus character within hanging out with those people considered sinner.  I think it's ridiculous to consider behavior that comes naturally a "sin", but setting that aside: even if Christians think homosexuality is a choice, and a sinful one at that, what example of Jesus are they following by suggesting such a thing? 

Setting the Bible aside (as I did finally at age 21, with doubts entering my mind much earlier), we live in a nation of laws.  We have a Constitution that is supposed to provide equal protection under the law for all American citizens.  What right does anyone have to take those rights away from any class of citizens?  Thinking like Pastor Worley's is un-American.

I know people think comparing people to Hitler is extreme, but this sort of thinking is EXACTLY like Hitler's!  Locking up people who you think are undesirable in order to get rid of them (as if no homosexuals will ever be born to heterosexual couples again) is exactly the sort of thing that results in the genocide that occurred under Hitler's regime.

It's amazing to me how much vitriol people like Worley have toward people who they think are "sinners".  I'm sure he'd be on board with throwing atheists inside an electrified fence as well. 

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