Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Directbuy.com Responds Re: Michael Savage

One Sara Shragal sent me a message on behalf of Directbuy.com:


Good afternoon Mr. Reich,

Thank you for writing with your feedback about DirectBuy's sponsorship of Michael Savage's radio show. Like you, we at DirectBuy were surprised and saddened by Mr. Savage's comments.

Our contract with the Michael Savage radio show is up at the end of this week, at which point DirectBuy will no longer be a sponsor of the show.

Again, thank you for writing to me with your feedback. Should you have any additional concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Kindest regards

Sara Shragal

DirectBuy, Inc.


This is good news.

At time of this writing, Michael Savage is shifting the discussion from his venomous words to overdiagnosis of autism. He has backed away from his claim of "99 percent" to "58 percent", based on information from an "expert from Vanderbilt University".

It doesn't matter. What he said is inexcusable. As a communications professional, Michael Savage should know how what he said would be taken by the parents of children with autism. He also should know that what he's saying will hurt those who are in real need.


Anonymous said...

I find it remarkable that those of you on the left, who claim to love freedom and free speech, spend so much energy and time trying to censor those who you do not agree with. Frankly I feel that you are the real threat to the freedoms we enjoy in this nation. Freedom of Speech is not to protect the speech everyone agrees with. It is designed to protect unpopular speech. It is worth noting that only those who are willing to listen to Michael Savage heard what he has had to say about autism or anything else. We are able to turn the dial if we do not like what we hear.

The far left is more concerned with what feels good and sounds good that what is good or at least correct. I am amazed how liberals are unable to see the world without a remnant of common sense, or even reality. If you were not so dangerous I would be laughing.

I for one will not spend another nickel at Direct Buy. I am happy to spend a few extra dollars as a matter of principal.

Dean In Florida

Greg Reich said...

It's obvious that you don't understand the First Amendment, which is a restriction on Congress and, through the Fourteenth Amendment, on the States. Savage has no inherent right to a radio show. There is nothing stopping his sponsors, whom we're educating about his remarks and subsequent spin, from withdrawing their support and causing his financial infrastructure to crumble. We're not trying to legislate him out of radio. We're not suing him. We're using free market forces to accomplish what we're trying to accomplish.

The bottom line is that Michael Savage's words cast suspicion on me, my wife, and my child, along with every parent and child who is living with ASD, and he is making life just a little bit more difficult for us by spreading ignorance to his audience. That is why we're going after him. If he can keep enough sponsors to stay on the radio, there's not much we can do about it, but if they decide to withdraw their support, he's finished.

If it was just a difference of opinion, I could just choose not to listen to his garbage, but his words will have a direct effect on how the public views my child. Attack my kid, and you'll get retaliation, any way I can do it legally. It's perfectly legal to educate his sponsors.

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