Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Home Depot Unaware of Advertising on Michael Savage Show

I received the following response from Home Depot:


Dear Mr. Reich,

Thank you for contacting The Home Depot Customer Care in this matter. The Home Depot does not currently advertise on The Michael Savage Show, nor do we have any kind of sponsorship in place with the program. We strive to ensure that the programs we support through advertising reflect our core values. Feedback from customers like you plays a large role in helping us to maintain these standards and I really appreciate you bringing this matter to our attention. Again, we do not advertise with this program and any suggestion of such support is false.

In fact, one of our company?s founders, Bernie Marcus, is very active inthe effort to build awareness and raise funding for autism research. We join him in this effort and have supported several of his campaigns. Learn more about his programs for autism at www.marcus.org <http://www.marcus.org/>.

Thank you for your interest in The Home Depot.



Customer Care.


It's not surprising that they are not aware of how their advertising dollars are being spent; Home Depot most likely made the deal at the level of Talk Radio Network or some other level that had nothing to do with the Michael Savage program directly. However, the fact is that I heard the commercial myself on July 18th. It makes it all the more urgent that Home Depot demand that their advertising dollars not be used to support Michael Savage.

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