Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Heritage Foundation Reponds Re: Michael Savage

I received the following email message from The Heritage Foundation yesterday:


Subject: Heritage doesn't advertise on Savage


It came to our attention today that a blog post you wrote last Sunday incorrectly identified The Heritage Foundation as an advertiser/sponsor of The Michael Savage Show. That is incorrect.

We do not now, nor ever have, sponsored or run ads on The Michael Savage Show. Would you mind correcting your blog post to reflect this?

Please let me know if you have any questions.


The Heritage Foundation
Robert B. Bluey
Director, Center for Media & Public Policy
214 Massachusetts Ave. NE
Washington, DC 20002
tel: (202) 608-6155
fax: (202) 544-6979
mobile: [removed by me]


Once again, we have someone whose advertisements have definitely aired during the Michael Savage show (at 10:21, 10:54, 11:21, 11:54, 12:14, and 12:43 on July 23rd on WDTK, for example), who denies advertising on the Savage show. What is going on?

It is worthy of note that no advertisements from The Heritage Foundation aired during the July 24th show on WDTK in the Detroit market. It is also noteworthy that DMI USA, Roger Schlesinger, Business Software Alliance, AFLAC, and Sears did not advertise on the July 24th show.

There were several new advertisers on the July 24th show. I have already updated the list with them. I wonder if they even know their ads are being used to support Michael Savage.

I did not get the chance to hear last night's show in my market. I had a guest in from out of town. I did get reports from other people and will be updating my list shortly.

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