Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Update on Michael Savage Advertisers

As I have noted in previous posts, Breakpoint (a subsidiary of Prison Fellowship Ministries) and have both denounced Michael Savage's comments, and the comments from Home Depot demonstrate that they were unaware that their advertising dollars were supporting Michael Savage.

I have yet to receive a response from the rest of the sponsors I've listed.

Here are some advertisers I heard tonight, some with one time at which I heard them. Since I received Home Depot's message that said any statement that charged them with advertising on the Michael Savage show was false (even though I heard it with my own ears), I began to take down a sample time. I invite any representative from the following companies to listen to Michael Savage's show to hear their own commercials (in my market, Savage airs from 10 PM to 1AM on WDTK AM), so the times will differ from that of his live broadcast).

Priceline (11:32 PM):

Bullfrog Sunblock (didn't record time): (didn't record time):

Business Software Alliance (didn't record time): or

Swiss America Trading Corporation (11:34 PM):

*NOTE: Michael Savage read a letter on the air from Craig Smith, the CEO of Swiss America, who supported him in his efforts, gushing about how "God is pleased" with the work Savage is doing.

Barracuda Networks

Of course, there were some of the usual suspects:

DMIUSA (11:48):

Geico (11:33):

The Heritage Foundation (11:47) (they advertise more than anyone)

FreshStart America (11:48) (They said that their contract is up with Savage at the end of the week, and they will not renew it.)


Angela said...

If you go here:

I have a pretty long list of his sponsors.

Rachel said...

www.realityblah... I have be pretty decent list going; I had TRN (Savage's bosses) initially as a link, but they have taken their page down. Go figure. But the contents are on my blog for posterity.

thingwarbler said...


This would seem to indicate that Home Depot is desperately trying to spin their way out of association with Savage now that he's (once again) become too toxic for commercial comfort.

But as Steve's post over at Media & Mayhem indicates, other advertisers have been able to stipulate a "no Savage" clause in their contracts, so Home Depot needs to either stop claiming that their ads didn't run where they did, or announce that they will, effective immediately, demand that their broadcasters cease running their ads during Savage's Hate Hour.

Anonymous said...

Great job i used to be a customer of Nevada State Corpoate Network they are a big sponsor of savage and i bought from the company because of michaels ad and the sales person said that he was their customer to. I called their receptionist and got this information Graig Zapper 800-910-9919 ext 201 his cell 702-300-9833Susan Zapper 800-910-9919 ext 204 her cell 702-339-2117 The receptionist said they don't answer emails or return these kind of calls so we will have to call them direct to tell them what we think.

Anonymous said...

rbyThe lunatic, bullying coward Weiner (or "savage" as he prefers) continues to backpedal and try to change the subject. And know he is more bellicose than ever in proclaiming victory. Short of his allowing someone to debate him, which the coward never would, the best course of action is to develop a campaign make all who advertise on his show aware that their products will go on a list that will be widely circulated among consumers who will boycott them. There must be some way that this can be organized and reported convincingly enough to dissuade advertisers from keeping the miscreant maniac on the air. He has freedom of speech, but it doesn't deserve the pulpit his is given, and those who are the victims of his malignant slander and moronic ravings don't deserve to suffer the bigotry that he seeks to inspire in so many. Great job so far Greg. Any way to ramp this up? This guy can be had, and the tables turned on him.

reyt said...

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Anonymous said...

Amazing how Liberals get upset when someone like Michael Savage speaks the truth. Now go take out the sponsors of a real enemy of the United States, NBC!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I needed a list to use and pass around to everyone I know.