Monday, May 5, 2014

Comparing autism to atheism?

You know what's immoral? Worshiping a deity who punishes finite crimes with eternal torment. 

You know what's immoral? Shunning your family members if they don't believe as you do.

You know what's immoral? Turning your back on your child if it turns out that he or she is attracted to members of the same sex. 

You know what's immoral? Believing in a book that condones slavery, misogyny, and the death penalty for such "crimes" as blasphemy, drunkenness, getting tattoos, eating shellfish, wearing material blends, and premarital sex. 

You know what's immoral? Thinking it's okay to believe in a book that condones forcing rape victims to marry their rapists. 

You know what's immoral? Asking a father to sacrifice his son to you. 

You know what's immoral? Telling people that they are innately wicked, so you can sell them salvation from the wickedness you've convinced them is at the core of their nature. 

You know what's immoral? Using autism as a comparison point for anyone's immorality, as if there's something wrong with autistic people.

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Ben Arnold said...

For years, I kept a photograph from the rear of a Hustler Magazine which showed a dead U.S. soldier in Viet Nam with part of his head blown away. In regard to what's immoral about pornography, the title read, "This is Immoral."